What Is Indie Music Submission?

Every independent musician knows what it’s like to endlessly search for new magazines and radio stations to submit to. Then once you find each of these leads you have to find the proper contact form, email or procedure just to submit your music for a chance to be featured. Throughout our time as musicians, and PR reps for artists we know this all too well. Over the years we have already done the work finding these press opportunities, we have built relationships with them and now you can take advantage of that.

From now on you can utilize the power of Indie Music Submission. Fill out ONE submission form to reach as many press opportunities worldwide that you would like. We will not only send you to these leads, but we will send you the leads themselves to add to your personal PR mailing lists.

Some of our affiliated leads that we will send you to:


Emerging Talent Agency

Indie Music Reviewer

Niji Magazine

Unsigned Corner

Indie And Unsigned

The Shift

Indie Music Bus

Under The Radar

Brothers Collective

Off Beat Indie

65 Connect Mixtapes

Rugged and Raw

The View From The Music


The Dutch Guy

Indie On The Move

Auteur Research


Indie Rock Cafe

Unsigned Bands UK

Unsigned Hype

Best New Bands

Simply Videos

Stereo Fox

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