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Why Use Indie Music Submission?

1.) You Get A Physical Contact List

You get your own physical list of "leads" geared towards your genre.

2.) Listing On The ETA's Press Feed

You get added to the Emerging Talent Agency's Press Feed.

3.) Reviewed For MuzicNotez Battles

Instant submission to be considered for the MuzicNotez Battles.

Some Industry Partners We Work With

Some Industry Partners We Work With

How Many Leads Do You Want?

In order for us to send out to our network of Indie Industry contacts, please pick the amount of leads you'd like us to send to.

**You will receive a list of all the contacts we have sent you to upon completion of the promotion blast as your confirmation receipt.

Get 20 Industry Leads

Get 50 Industry Leads

Get 100 Industry Leads

Get 200 Industry Leads

Get 300 Industry Leads

Get 400 Industry Leads